Introducing Navicartum: Your Ultimate Source and Reference Book for Joachim Meyer’s Renaissance Fencing Treatise.

Step into the world of Renaissance fencing with Navicartum, your comprehensive guide to Joachim Meyer’s renowned work, “Thorough Descriptions of the Art of Fencing,” originally published in 1570. This exceptional treatise covers a wide array of weapons, including the sword, dusack, rapier, dagger, and staff (encompassing staff, halberd, and pike techniques). Navicartum is dedicated to exploring the first part of Meyer’s masterpiece: the sword.

What sets Navicartum apart?

  1. Transcription and Translation: Dive deep into Joachim Meyer’s sword techniques with our meticulously transcribed and translated content, including all the original images.
  2. Enhanced Reference Book: We’ve gone the extra mile by reimagining Meyer’s work as an invaluable reference book. Our enhanced version includes conceptual interpretations of each technique, offering you a richer understanding of the art.
  3. Improved Referencing and Image Descriptions: Enjoy a more streamlined experience with improved referencing and clearer descriptions of all the images.
  4. Modern Features: Navicartum seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. Take advantage of modern conveniences like bookmarks, note-taking, and a full-text search feature to enhance your learning journey.

Uncover the secrets of Renaissance fencing like never before with Navicartum. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to the art, our app is your gateway to mastering Joachim Meyer’s swordsmanship techniques. Join us on this journey through history and elevate your fencing skills with Navicartum.

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