Navicartum – the source and reference book on the renaissance fencing treatise of Joachim Meyer.

In the book “Thorough Descriptions of the Art of Fencing…” of Joachim Meyer (published in 1570) we find a comprehensive work on the renaissance time fencing with many weapons. More precisely on the sword, the dusack, the rapier, the dagger and the staff (the later contains staff, halberd and pike). This app is dedicated to the first part of Joachim Meyer’s work, the sword.

Navicartum features not only a transcription and translation of the sword part of the fencing treatise including all images, but also a newly composed version of the book as a reference book. It contains among other things conceptual interpretations of all techniques and an improved referencing and description of all images. And all of this in combination with the merits of features of the modern times, like f.e. bookmarks, notes and a full text search feature.

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