Welcome to out humble internet presence, we are delighted to have you here! Please, feel right at home and more than anything: feel free to roam around! Have a look at our games and other entertainment apps, get to now us and where we’re going in the Neozoa Entertainment section and generally *pauses to re-think the next phrase* don’t leave just yet and hear us out 😉 For example on…


Reference app on historical longsword fencing. Yes, that’s a thing – a thing worth checking out! read more..

Argo Navis

Neozoa Entertainment’s second game with different puzzle game types, including variants of the Sudoku-like real world problem of Puzzle Port -> read more..

Puzzle Port

Neozoa Entertainment’s first game, based on a Sudoku-like real-world problem -> more about it..

Neozoa Entertainment

Yes, what’s already there is already cool, but I’m telling you, there’s so much more planned. To find out more about us and about what makes us go and where we’re heading, read on!