The team behind Neozoa Entertainment! Admittedly, “team” is here an euphemism – Neozoa Entertainment is as of now and in the foreseeable future only me, Amelie Eilken. So I am prepared to fulfill all roles necessary for game development in general and Neozoa Entertainment with its focus on intelligent algorithms more particularly. Fortunately my CV is – despite my age – already a bit of an interesting read with a rather diverse list of items on it which allowed me to gather experience in most fields required. And on the remaining parts.. well, everything is new to us at some point in time and then waiting to be learned and I’m most ready to dig in and do so! 

The researcher – a role I can fully identify with. With a PhD in Operations Research, two Diploma (Mathematics and  Economical Mathematics) already finished and another Master of Science (in Applied IT Science, just started because I was sure there was a lot to be learned in that) nearly done, most of my time since graduation was very successfully spent at universities. And the collected knowledge is not limited to pure math and algorithmic, but extends to the other sciences and studies. University libraries simply make me happy.. Interested? More on the algorithms coming up soon.
The game designer – a role I love, otherwise the step into game development would not have been a wise choice after all ūüėČ A lot of ideas, completely new or adaptions of already known concepts, paired with theory and science on game design are waiting to be implemented for you and then played by you. My little black book is full of game ideas and plans, the implementation of which will surely keep me happily entertained for a couple of years, just as playing them after their implementation will surely keep you all happily entertained for another couple of years. A lot of concepts and worlds are waiting to be designed, implemented, lived and played in. Interested? More on the first game will come shortly.
The programmer – again a role that comes naturally with my background. During my studies for the diploma I started with C for mathematics, Java and Matlab for economical mathematics and in my spare time did a lot of projects with C++. Afterwards I used ABAP, Python and R at work and C++ for my PhD studies. A lot of C++, which is and will stay my language of choice. Mother tongue, one could say – so it’s no surprise that the algorithms in the back-end of my games are implemented in shades of C. But (nearly) every language has its merits and I would not deprive myself of those by limiting everything I do to just that one language. Interested? More on IT-topics in the upcoming developer blog.
The creative one – summarizing all crafting/creative tasks that pop up. Admittedly this is a role I will learn to really fill out. Having said that I still work with just as much enthusiasm on graphics and logos, models and animations, probably improvising a bit more that I do in other parts of the implementation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In other areas of crafting like sewing or cosplay that (in unison with some knowledge and experience) works very well for me. Interested? Find pictures and information on this on my Instagram page.
The manager Рwith a diploma that contained quite a substantial amount of economics, a PhD that is officially economics and a year as a strategy consultant this should be doable. And even though the contents of economics I remember best mostly fall into the category of the researcher, I also have the more practical stuff stored somewhere in my brain *gets out the somewhat dusty accounting knowledge*

That’s¬†it for me and on me right now and here – but there’s more elsewhere, if you care to know:¬†social media for Neozoa Entertainment news and events (Facebook or Instagram) and¬†my personal¬†Instagram¬†for pictures, cosplays, events etc..