Neozoa EntertainmentNeozoa Entertainment is a new, small app and game developer that strives to enthuse and entertain you with innovative games based on creative, smart algorithms and niche knowledge. Interesting universes with a nice mix of new and well-known game elements, leveraging algorithms from the different sciences that really are more than just big words. Whether computer, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Tablet, Neozoa Entertainment is looking forward to entertaining you. Interested? More on different aspects of Neozoa Entertainment on this page.
A game consists of two fundamental aspects: a game concept and a universe – and in both aspects Neozoa Entertainment has a lot in store for you. Well, not yet literally in store for you, but planned and in implementation. The game concepts range from casual games and puzzles over god games and simulations to empire-building strategy games and discovery games. The universes range from space travel and discovery in science fiction settings over post apocalyptic worlds to the colonization of the Americas in the 16th century. So we are talking about classical settings, implemented and brought to life with great care and love and cleverly combined with innovative game concepts. Interested? Stay tuned!
App - NavicartumBut not everything entertaining in life is a game, right? Actually, some of the most entertaining and fulfilling parts of my life aren’t – which is why Neozoa Entertainment does not only publish games, but also apps on entertaining parts of life. Like Navicartum, a source reference app for Joachim Meyer’s The Art of Fencing, a historical fencing treatise from the 16th century. And there’s more to come, with two more apps planned for 2022.
The design and the implementation of the games, their universes and the algorithmic magic in the background does not only need to be planned, but also implemented and “the idea is the step with seven-league boots, the implementation the way back on foot” (Peter Tille, own translation). And as of now, I am a lone warrior for both phases, I am app and game designer, IT “guy”, scientist, as well as art department and all in one confident that I am going to be successful with that. Interested? More on me and why I don’t think I need to be intimidated by the tasks ahead, on the Team page.
Neozoa is the German term for introduced animal species, which are animal species that reached areas outside of their native habitat by human means and now populate those habitats. Many were deliberately or accidentally brought to new territories by us and if such a species holds its ground despite unused living conditions, it is considered to be a Neozoa. In the figurative sense I consider my algorithms, models and concepts from different sciences that I now introduce to the world of digital gaming to be Neozoas – assuming they assert themselves in their new habitat. Help them stay, this time they’re the good ones 😉